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here at dani aziz studio we aim to empower rad entrepreneurial women through magical illustration, digital design, & beautiful websites. we work hand in hand with creatives like you to tell your story in a way that is true to you.


the brand immersion

investment: $4499

-Have complete creative clarity surrounding your business & brand
-Identify your ideal client & how best to speak to them both via words & visuals
-Become clear on your brand story & messaging
-Become more confident in yourself & your brand
-Free up much needed time to focus on your zone of genius
-Have a completely new & refreshed brand that is ready to grow with you
-Have a deeper understanding of your values & vision and how to tell that story visually 
-Completely forget about comparisonitis 
-Overcome your creative blocks
-Have customized tips & tricks to keep your creative juices flowing & avoid burnout

A 12 week 1:1 intensive brand coaching experience to achieve creative clarity & receive a beautifully designed, strategy-backed brand.

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the asset library

investment: $1449

We will work together on exactly what you need in your Asset Library but here is a sneak peek of what it will likely contain:

Instagram layout & content pillars 
Post templates 
Biz card templates 
Email templates 
Digital signature 
Graphic/hand drawn elements to create own graphics 
Insta story highlight covers 
Branded illustrations 
A PDF/video guide on how to use it all 

Totally feeling your brand but tired of scouring Creative Market for asset resources that kind of fit your brand but aren’t perfect? That’s where I step in!

With this custom design library you will never have to buy assets again!

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priced per project

Illustration adds character to your brand, bringing out the most magical aspects of your business. Illustration projects are priced per project depending on needs, usage, and scope.

If you are looking for a branded illustration package for social use, websites, books, planners, etc - reach out below!

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