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Now that you are here, we are about to have a lot of fun. Let's dive in... Before being a full time artist, I was a badass brand designer just mere months ago. I created brands and socials for Almost 30 Podcast, Mandy Ansari, CEO School, and Lucie Fink. During that time, I've learned how to brand yourself perfectly & how to show up online as your true self (to hit those ideal clients & make that $$$).
I built my business spending hours a day creating brands in Illustrator, social graphics and GIFs in Photoshop, illustrations in Procreate, and learning every single little skill possible. I've never said no to something I didn't know how to do...I always just went for it and taught myself along the way. As a proud Adobe Ambassador, I believe we all have the skills to design the biz we dream of.

You may have walked by me one year at Alt Summit (my fave creative community to hang with every year). Building a strong community to surround me has been instrumental in my success.

For the past forever, I was super afraid of that “artist” word. I continuously thought that I had to be a trained fine artist to claim the name for myself. I walked that journey for quite some time. I learned a lot about how to show up in a way that felt like ME and silencing the continuous noise that social media produces. I’ve proved to myself (and many others) that DOING will get you there. I’ve come up with amazing ways to tap into yourself and your ideal audience to finally be making a living from your ART. 

totally in

Whether you are an artist ready to meet cool people and learn alongside with me or a brand ready to make your products stand out with whimsically rad art & patterns, I am sure we will get along.

And now, I want to help YOU do the SAME EXACT THING. You in?

and it went like...





2021 +

Stay at home mom of a 1 year old

Decided to teach myself brand design & coding

Finally decided to start my branding & web design biz

Did my first branding & website for $200...(OH GOD)

Rode the struggle bus, took on unaligned clients, but learned A LOT.

Almost quit and got a "real job"

The shift happened.
Created branding & social graphics for clients like Almost 30 Podcast, Mandy Ansari, CEO School, and Lucie Fink.

Worked with dream client, Clutch Nails

Started getting hired for my art by Brittany Allen & Women's Collective.
Became an Adobe Partner.
Dreams were coming true.

Dream collab with Brittany Allen

Built a community to support amazing artists

and so much more to come....

brands & designers I work with

artists in the community

desire custom art to take their own work to the next level

value the collaborative process and the melting of our minds

bold & color obsessed 

ready to step into their own legitness and make magic online

unafraid to just start & do the dang thing

designers, stop motion artists, calligraphers, illustrators, and more

clients include

it's the little things

iced coffee & oatmilk lattes 

new paints & art supplies 

pretty little liars & the vampire diaries

the smell of that fresh mountain air

Be the artist of
your own life. Don't wait for the big break to come and find you—go chase it down!


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whimsical artist & mentor, here to help you make a living as an artist by stepping into your legitness online