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step into the legitness you know you have

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Together, not only will we cover all the technical aspects to create kickass assets to show up as the badass artist you are but also teach you, through live interactive workshops, how to finally curate and create the brand that pushes you into the LEGIT level of branding you know you deserve

you started your biz to be an artist but there is so much more behind running a biz.

real talk...

As an artist, I get it. It gets super overwhelming. You just want to DO ART but actually making money from your art means so much more. Trying to brand yourself so that people see how amazing your art & craft is, showing up on social in the raddest way possible, attracting people to your art to actually buy from you & want to know all about you...It is a LOT.

Let's be real, changing your brand colors every other day (or not even having a brand?!), obsessing over what font to use, spending hours staring at the screen trying to figure out what to post today or just not showing up AT ALL, is NOT a great use of your time as an artist & definitely doesn't pay the billzzzz.

be a freaking bada$$ but also...

I want you to feel like you are showing up as YOURSELF and the BADASS ARTIST YOU ARE at all times

so let's skip all the nonsense so you can 

Wake up in the morning feelin' like p diddy and not feeling ughhhh

have your ideal clients & customers keep coming to you because you are FEELING yourself and it shows $$$$

 have content on hand and ready to use AND you have the know how to always create new content that looks, feels, and totally IS fan-freaking-tastic

spend the majority of your time killing it at your art, sipping on your fave drink, & chillin like a villain doing exactly what you want

it sounds amazing, yeah? I got you.

I’m not going to let you spend the next few years doodaddling around your brand and not getting to where you want to be because, trust me, it is possible for you to do it NOW.

After these live & immersive power packed days together, you are going to be so fired up. Not only will you have met amazing people, gotten rad feedback, and have all the things you need, you finally GOT THIS. You know how to be the best you can be in your corner of the internet and you will have all the things ready to go so you don’t have to stare at your computer for hours all day.

You have the power to stand out and social media is where it is at

You absolutely can spend the majority of your time in your zone of genius of being an artist & still be killing it on insta even if it feels totally unreachable at this exact moment. Lets unleash yourself in the world of social media and create your own freakin' space.

Trust me when I say, no matter how impossible it seems, your craft and your art can be shared in a UNIQUE way on social media and you can do it.

Let me break it down for you. Before I decided to follow my deep passion for art and making $$ solely from being an ARTIST,  I taught myself alllll things brand design. I learned it ALL on my own - all the skills, how to show up as an entrepreneur online, how to speak to my audience and clients, all of it. But first, I was the girl who used to be in the military, became a mama super young, and tried a million different things (MLM, makeup artist, retail associate, making you want me to keep going?)...I didn't realize that it is possible to do and have all the things. BUT IT FREAKING IS.

When I spent hours googling & youtubing skills, rules, how to's, literally anything and everything that you need to know to, I had no idea that I would be working with brands such as Almost 30 Podcast, Brittany Allen (Project Runway S18), CEO School, and Mandy Ansari from Girl and The.

In two years, I managed to build a successful, fulfilling, and ART filled business that allows me to make $$$$ by sitting in my studio, painting all day while binging HBO max. 

When i say i've been there, i am not kidding...

i need this

It is time you stop thinking it is never going to work for you and stop freaking settling! 
Together, let's make 2021 the year where you finally make your mark on the internet, feel confident showing up, and be your rad-a$$ self while spending time doing what you love because nothing is saturated when you are an absolute badass and you have something to put out there

the only two day live course that you need in 2021, for real

let's get the party started

okay let's break it down...

Branding You is a live virtual immersive two day weekend course (meeting from 9am-3pm PST) full of learning sessions where Dani drops all the knowledge, co-working time to create the raddest content, live tutorials and co creation so you can leave the weekend with all the things you need to start killing it on social.

We will make sure your social media plan is clear as day, uncover your brand story, refine your purpose, nail down your ideal client, get that vision on point AND step into a clear cohesive game plan so that you can finally have YOUR stamp written all over your socials 

We know you have a signature style, you are written all over your art. What about your social media presence. 

branding you, babe

Module one - learning sesh

day one sched


Build a moodboard that matches your overall aesthetic
Learn how to plan your Instagram feed for the raddest vibe possible
Gather visual inspiration to get your digital aesthetic looking fly AF making sure that it allllll matches the brand story we created in module 1 & 2

You have impeccable aesthetic when it comes to your art but your Insta feed....not so much. Why is that? Maybe you just don't know where to start...

it's the digital aesthetic for me

Module Two - learning sesh


So far you might have been stuck in a box. But I want you to take up alllll the space to shine online cus you are worth it!

We will explore creative ways to step out of your limiting beliefs around how you can show your art aka just a picture on a cute frame AND explore a million ways to share one piece of art. Imagine being able to create 5 different reels on one piece, rad BTS pieces, studio highlights, awesome carousel and more

get out of your head (and that dang box!)

Module three - learning sesh


Ok, we've been through a lot. It is time to take freakin' action.

3+ hour coworking session to put everything you've learned into action AND prep for the action packed Day 2
Create community & make friendships! 
Have access to me for the entire time (ask me all the things, I'm here for ya! 

can you work it?

Module four - coworking sesh


We will be creating assets upon assets using multiple different apps covering all the things you need to leave prepped & ready to freaking kill it on insta

Yes, the skillz. It is time to dive in to live tutorials all day long. It will be intensive but SO so good. Don't forget your coffee, you will need it. 

you got the skillzzz

all day live tutorials  & creation

day two sched


some of the skills we will be exploring....

reels & reel covers

elevated stories

turn art into digital content

on trend graphics

graphic reels & covers

& so much more

Know how freaking rad you are and be ready to scream it from the rooftops

Feel AH-MAZING about your brand as an artist and what you are putting out there

Finally feel like your feed is aesthetic AF and have all the tools & skills to keep killing it

Not have to agonize over how to visually tell your story & share your art

By the end of this course, you will...

Get ready for the most epic weekend with my creative brand workbook. This will walk you through all things vision, mission, your why, ideal clients, and more to prep you for the deep dive we will take during SYB. Don't forget the space to brainstorm...cus' I am all about it.

creative brand workbook

Bonus number two

Two weeks after SYB, I will slide into your DMs to review your brand & insta feed. I will give you personalized feedback via voice notes, give you more tips & tricks on how to implement everything we learned, and answer any questions you have. My eyes & ears are all yours...

insta brand audit

Bonus number one - early birdies only!

There are bonuses too?

Did I mention that

build your 
creative brand




thank you, thank you, thank you to dani. this was a dream come true. your creative genius is next level. if you are looking for someone to take your creative ideas to the next level, dani is your girl.


dani does what we can’t- she can step away and look at your business with an unbiased view. this allows a fresh mind to create a masterpiece. and i’m here to tell you, she does just that. a true creative. 



you are totally ok not spending all your time working on your ART

you love banging your head against the wall wondering what isn't working

keep on walking if...

you are so ready to feel like the fly ARTIST you know you are

you can't stand another second staring at the screen not knowing what to post 

you can't wait to stay in your zone of genius while showcasing how freaking legit your ART is! 

let's do this thing if...

wanna spend the weekend together?

Let’s be real, I am not your typical teacher. I am a bit messy, overexcited, and probably not as professional (whatever the heck that means) seeming as others out there. But I am passionate, creative, and living my best life while running a dream biz.

I believe things should be messy & unique. I believe that you shouldn't shy away from who you truly are just because you think you have to. i believe that if you are your kickass self, your art will resonate with the right people and be seen.

I believe that there is space for all of us out there and i am here to help you claim it. 

And guess what? we are going to have a freaking blast doing it.

not sure you want to learn from me...?

Yes, it will absolutely be recorded. However, I highly recommend attending in person. The live experience is there to get that real time connection, feedback, and learning. There are so many positives that attending in real time will yield. The coworking time being a big one! So I urge you to attend during the course times if possible but I get it, life, right? So don't feel like you can't attend the entire weekend. I'll be here for ya no matter what!

Yes! totally. You cannot go over the topics in day one too many times. I continuously dig into my aesthetic & my brand mission and every time I do it, something else is illuminated or I feel that much stronger about my vision & mission. SO, Day 1 will still be so helpful for you and then on Day 2 everything will be built out so you know exactly what to do with the brand that you have!

I honestly cannot say YES enough. You have a brand & a set business but now its time to pivot and you're not sure how to do so. Day 1 will be such a great deep dive into figuring out that pivot - whether that be a new mission and vision or a complete revamp on your ideal client - it will serve you so well. 

Day 2 will get you ready and set to step into that pivot feeling ready & confident to do so!

Due to the nature of the live course, there are no refunds. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

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i know you are dying to stay in your zone of genius while showcasing how freaking legit you are! 

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