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A 12 week intensive brandING program TO HELP YOU achieve creative clarity & LEARN HOW TO CREATE a beautifully designed, strategy-backed brand.

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Do you lack confidence in your brand? 

Do you feel lost on how to portray yourself and your business to your ideal clients? 

Do you have messy branding that just doesn’t feel right?

Do you constantly feel stressed about maintaining a consistent brand on social media? 

Do you struggle with comparisonitis and are just so dang tired of it affecting everything you do? 

Are you killing it in your biz and ready to take the next steps but feel held back by all of the above?

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girl, i feel you!

Feeling lost, messy, lacking confidence in your brand & business ideas, and constantly asking yourself “how can I do it all?!” is ROUGH. Life would be a whole lot easier if you could get a handle on all of that, am I right? I’ve been there, my clients have been there, we’ve all been there.

But the difference between you and others struggling right now is that you are ready to make a difference. You are not here to play games. You are ready to do all that is necessary to uplevel your business and step into that power you know you have.

 tell your story

Together, we will walk step by step through this program to dig deeper into the mission & vision behind your business. We will analyze your current creative blocks and create ways to overcome each and every one. Those next steps you’ve been wanting to take? We will work together on establishing those steps and create a completely refreshed brand that fits into this direction. I will help you realize and create your story & turn it into a visual masterpiece. And finally, I will design and create a complete library of assets so you never struggle to remain consistent in your branding again. 

And guess what, it all starts with you and your story.

imagine if...

You have an unwavering support system guiding you through the steps to get your business and brand to the level you know it should be.

You are not alone in taking the next steps.

You finally have a brand & visuals that tell your story. A brand that is more than you could ever imagine. Your heart & mind in reality, on screens. 

Not only that, you're staying consistent & have all the time to focus on your zone of genius. Everything just flows.

Clarity is no longer a question. Your creativity is no longer hindered. Ideas just flow and you act on those ideas. You don't focus on comparing your business to others. You are empowered to take the necessary steps to become you in your business.

You are continuously attracting your ideal client. You know who that is and they are hearing your message. You don't question yourself when you write captions, share your story, or talk to your audience. They are waiting to hear from you & love your complete authenticity.

in 12 weeks you will...

-Have complete creative clarity surrounding your business & brand
-Identify your ideal client & how best to speak to them both via words & visuals
-Become clear on your brand story & messaging
-Become more confident in yourself & your brand
-Free up much needed time to focus on your zone of genius

-Have a completely new & refreshed brand that is ready to grow with you
-Have a deeper understanding of your values & vision and how to tell that story visually 
-Completely forget about comparisonitis 
-Overcome your creative blocks
-Have customized tips & tricks to keep your creative juices flowing & avoid burnout

let's do this

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you'll receive...


brand design

asset design

We will have a total of 10 hours worth of coaching calls in order to dig deep into your story, mission, and values. Our goal is clarity, confidence, and active creativity.

After our deep dive into the foundation of your brand & business, I will design a beautiful & strategy backed brand that is ready to grow with you.

Never fear staying consistent again. We will work together on exactly what you need in your Asset Library but items like post templates, story highlights, Instagram plan & pillars, illustrations, will keep you consistent on all levels.

and a whole lot of love & support

you're ready, i know it.


PAY IN FULL & RECEIVE 2 1:1 COACHING CALLS after program end

the total value of this program is well over $11,000 but your investment is...

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This program is incredibly intensive and designed for those who are completely ready to transform their brand, overcome their creative blocks, and take their business to the next level. Your business is established, you are totally killing it in the game, and you are fully invested in making your brand stand up to where you know you are.

That's you, girl.

i'm dani!

I am a designer, illustrator, creative coach, and founder of Dani Aziz Studio. I work with creative women entrepreneurs who are ready to empower themselves and their clients with a beautiful visual story. In a time where authentic, true-to-you branding is the best way to reach your ideal client, I coach clients through their brand story & design stunning brands to match. I am here to empower you in believing that your brand story matters because connecting authentically will not only empower you but your clients as well.

I am a mama to two, a wife to an Army soldier, and a woman that believes the power in us all lies in empowering others. 

words from my clients

Dani does what we can’t - she can step away and look at your business with an unbiased view. This allows a fresh mind to create a masterpiece. And I’m here to tell you, she does just that. A true creative. She puts her services over selling. From creating my vision board to understanding my voice, values, and visuals- she gets it! She is it! Thanks so much for bringing my dream to bright and vibrant life, Dani! Stay rad! - Nicole N.

Dani is amazing! You will not be disappointed when working with her. I can't express loudly enough just how thrilled I am with the work Dani did for Grandma B's Mini Treats! She not only created a design (website, logo and more) that perfectly represents who Grandma B is, she somehow captured my business vibe when even I struggled describing it. What I took away from this is Dani not only listens, she hears. And perhaps more importantly, she guides helpfully and unobtrusively. She delivered everything in a very timely manner, was always responsive to my questions (often crazy questions) and I was excited and confident with where things were headed throughout. In short, Dani is incredibly talented and you need to hire her! - Emily B.

I love everything about Dani! Honest to goodness, working with her was a joy-- she was efficient, communicative, professional, and produced amazing content! When I had suggestions to edit, she quickly did them all, fitting into my time frame. Her art work is vibrant, fun, and creative. She's always trying new things, which I always appreciate about artists. Simply put, she's a boss babe! I couldn't have been happier with my designs!!! - Alexi C.

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who is this program for?

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Will I have homework?

Do you make any guarantees? 

Do you offer refunds?

Do you offer payment plans?

This program is incredibly intensive and designed for those who are completely ready to transform their brand, overcome their creative blocks, and take their business to the next level. Your business is established, you are totally killing it in the game, and you are fully invested in making your brand stand up to where you know you are.

My 1:1 brand coaching is not typically for the newbie entrepreneur. We have all been where you are and I have a few other options, including a group coaching program, to help you get started in your business. Click here to sign up for our newsletter and get first dibs when that is launched. If you are new but totally feel like you are ready to work with me, feel out the application and we can chat.

Absolutely! As I said before, this program is incredibly intensive and designed for those who are completely ready to transform their brand, overcome their creative blocks, and take their business to the next level. This means you will have to put in a good amount of work outside of our 1:1 calls to stay on track. Homework will most definitely be assigned!

I am confident in the process I take my clients through and have seen great results with all of my clients. However, everyone’s view of success is different and like anything, you get out what you put in. If you put your all into our sessions and your homework, you should not have any problems reaching our end goals.

Due to the nature of 1:1 coaching and the transfer of all digital brand files, I do not offer refunds. If you have any concerns, please reach out to

I sure do! Once you apply and we have our initial conversation, I will create a personalized payment plan for you. Please note that full payment must be completed by the end of our 12 week program.

Remember, if you pay in full, you will receive two coaching calls from me for free!

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