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So we kind of got introduced already but let's keep the fun going. I’m a digital illustrator & designer best known for spreading girl power vibes & bringing to life the stories you have to tell. Self taught, drawing is what brings me peace and is an incredible form of self expression. A colorful world is my jam, gimme the rainbow and let me play. You’ll likely find me drawing rad women, fashion, and all things fauna.

I am a mama to two, a wife to a US Army solider, and an Army veteran myself. You will likely find me holed up in my home studio binging Netflix while I create, reading thriller novels, or spending some good 'ole family time with my favorite human beings. I don't discriminate when it comes to coffee but woo me with a vanilla iced latte with oat milk and I will be your best friend.

Most of all, I am here to enjoy life and soak in every single experience I can. I can't wait to get to know you!

I'm Dani, nice to meet you.

it's time to have fun

Let me guess - You are currently killing it in your business, put so much work into making your passion work but feel like that oomph is missing. You can't quite put your finger on it but you know that it is time for a change. That is what I am here for. The Brand Immersion Program isn't your typical branding package. The BIP is an intensive 1:1 program where we dive deep into your story, mission, vision, and values and then translate it all into a beautiful and strategic brand that is ready to grow with you.

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